Te Rau Rice – Dong Rung “Taste”

On February 7, 2021, the Director of Agritage Vietnam Social Enterprise attended the “Vietnam with Ethnic Colours” Program of the Committee for Ethnic Minorities (VOV4), a non-business unit under the Voice of Vietnam Radio to share about the heritage agriculture model in the project areas that Agritage Vietnam has been implementing. One of the initiatives in this model is Enhancing the livelihoods of farmers in ethnic minority areas through the development of agricultural product chains with high economic value. Te Rau rice in Buot village, Chieng Yen commune, Van Ho district, Son La province is one of such specialty products. Rice Te Rau was restored, cultivated and developed by Agritage Vietnam and farmers to become the brand name of Rice Te Rau Dong Rung and brought to the market for consumption.

Te Rau rice is cultivated by organic methods combined with unique folk knowledge, using probiotics and natural enemies instead of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Rice is highly appreciated for its aroma and consistency and extremely low sugar level, which is good for the diabetic.

This is considered the initial success of the heritage agriculture model to associate conservation and promotion of heritage with sustainable development between Agritage Vietnam and the residents of Buot village. In the coming years, the two sides will continue to develop the heritage agriculture model under the principle of respecting nature and indigenous cultural values, through farming and trading of organic agricultural products.

More details about news: https://vov4.vov.gov.vn/TV/sac-mau-dan-toc-vn/ve-ban-buot-an-gao-te-rau-c1209-358658.aspx

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