Te Rau rice – starting the journey of developing heritage agriculture

Te Rau rice is an indigenous rice variety that has been cultivated for a long time in Buot village, Chieng Yen commune, Van Ho district, Son La province. However, for a long time, people here stopped planting. In 2019, with the financial and technical support of the Australian Government through the GREAT Program, within the framework of the Project “Promoting gender equality through improving economic efficiency in agricultural production and tourism development’ in Van Ho, Son La, Agritage Vietnam has accompanied farmers to restore rice varieties and continue to plant Te Rau rice. Up to now, farmers have had a bountiful harvest, good quality and a market for consumption.


Te Rau specialty rice product is a premium rice brand accompanied by the social enterprise Agritage Vietnam and 350 households of Muong, Thai and Mong ethnic groups in Van Ho district, Son La province. Te Rau rice is grown in the fields in the middle of the old Northwest forest. Rice with a picky soil, only grows and gives the best quality at an altitude of 400-1000m above sea level, mild climate conditions (20-230C), supplemented with cool spring water from old forest. Te Rau rice-swamps are stretchy, full, with very long beards, producing fragrant, flexible and sweet rice grains from the nutrients of the forest soil.


Te Rau rice of Agritage Vietnam Social Enterprise currently has two rice lines: VietGAP and organic. Currently, Te Rau rice products are available on the market in major cities of Hanoi with the main distribution channels being supermarkets, clean food stores, and organic consumer groups.

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