Penalty for a bag of rice for fishing in the wild stream

The natural stream fish is a proof of more than 20 years,  actively preserving the heritages of the residents of Buot village through customary laws and village regulations: Penalty for a bag of rice for fishing in the stream. The conventions in the protection of natural fish streams show the high community spirit of the people here. The school of fish swims along the natural streams in the village, and is protected by the people, so the fish keep growing and developing, through the rainy and flood seasons, the fish still settle peacefully by the stream of Buot village.

Buot village fish stream

Visitors to the village like to sit and relax on the rock, drop their feet into the cool water to play with the fish. Urban children who follow their parents to the village often jump into the stream to play with fish, or enjoy feeding the fish some bread, vegetables, rice, etc. or enjoy the feeling of camping by the fish stream with their families. , in the middle of the vast green forest.

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