Agritage Vietnam develops heritage agriculture model with farmers

In the far northwest, there is a land located in the heart of high mountains and old forests, which is a place chosen by the Thai and Muong ethnic minorities as a long-term settlement, called Buot village.

Ethnic minorities here still retain precious heritages of both nature and culture. It is a beautiful natural landscape, customs and habits, indigenous seedling cultivation methods, Thai traditional dances and songs.

The name Buot is the sound of Wet  because the whole village is surrounded by a clear stream, full of fish flowing from the forest. It is also this water source that people bring home to irrigate the indigenous rice variety.

Te Rau rice is cultivated by organic methods combined with unique folk knowledge, using probiotic compost and natural enemies instead of pesticides and chemical fertilizers;

The products of the farmers have been packaged and sold by Agritage Vietnam under the brand name “Te Rau Dong Rung Rice”. Rice is highly appreciated for its aromatic consistency and extremely low sugar content, which is good for diabetics.

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